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       Liaoning Road and Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liaoning Road and Bridge") was established in July 1954, formerly Liaoning Provincial Communications Department of Highway Engineering Bureau ", institutions, under the Liaoning Provincial Communications Department.

       On January 30, 1993, approved by Liaoning Provincial Communications Department (Liaojiao Zongzi Zi [2003] No. 24), the Highway Engineering Bureau of Liaoning Provincial Communications Department was transformed from a public institution into a wholly state-owned enterprise and renamed as "Liaoning Provincial Road and Bridge Construction General the company"...

Group News

Policies and regulations

The company held the fourth quarter of 2017 safety work conference
Love the joyous activities
Chen Zhen Min, chairman of the trade union of the group company, visited the company on his behalf
The Company held the 2017 financial final accounts layout meeting and business training meeting
Group companies held investment project risk management meeting
Group Secretary Yang Junxii secretary to Xiu Yin project to carry out the spirit of the 19 major publicizing
Huazhong Branch held "East Lake Happy Run" mountaineering activities
Xuancheng City "gift nineteen" series of activities
"Xi Jinping seven years of youth" learning activities
Dandong Dadong Port Freeway Project was opened to traffic
Sun protection Paul high speed emergency rescue
Call for a new era

Industry News

Branch dynamic

Engineering Construction and Construction Enterprise Quality Management Practices (Continued)
Engineering construction and construction enterprises quality management practices
Liaoning Province Construction Project Cost Management Measures
Highway water transport project test and test management approach
Interim Measures for Highway Project Cost Management
Highway Engineering Quality Supervision Regulations
The four central provinces will build a multi-level comprehensive transportation network
Lead the Development of Modern Comprehensive Transportation with the New Concept of Development
National Development and Reform Commission plans to promote integrated transport "one two three hundred" project
State Council issued "" Thirteen Five "modern integrated transportation system development plan"
The new version of "Construction Engineering Design Bidding Management Measures" implemented in May
Accelerating the Construction of Western Comprehensive Transport Large Corridor

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